100 Best Sources for Nursing News

Wednesday, May 13th, 2009

By Nicole White

Whether you’re a traveling nurse, geriatric care nurse, OB/GYN nurse or ER nurse, you’ve got to be on top of the latest in health care IT, public health news, health legislation, and medical research. These links will help you track it all so that you can retain your competitive edge without getting overwhelmed.

Professional Networks

Turn to these professional nursing networks for industry news, networking opportunities, and more.

  1. International Council of Nurses: Visit this site to learn about upcoming conferences and information from the International Nursing Review.
  2. American Nurses Association: The ANA website has information for prospective nursing students, the public, and practicing nurses who are seeking out the top health care news stories of the day.
  3. Association of Nurses in AIDS Care: Through the ANAC website you can learn about AIDS research and programs.
  4. National Association for Practical Nurse Education and Service, Inc.: Here you can read news about health care policy, nursing jobs, and more.
  5. National Association of School Nurses: School nurses can get tools and information on educating students and the public about general health care and of-the-moment outbreaks.
  6. Sigma Theta Tau International Honor Society of Nursing: Exceptional nursing students and nurses catch up on health care news, network for research projects, grant information, conventions, research and more.

Twitter Feeds

Twitter is a great tool for networking and news gathering. Follow these feeds for medical and nursing news updates all day long.

  1. @ChristianNurse: This feed posts nursing stories and health care news from all over the world.
  2. @ernursek: Find out what it’s like to treat ER patients on this feed.
  3. @Geek2Nurse: This nurse starts discussions about public health issues and more.
  4. @health: The Health News Blog updates its Twitter feed with public health stories.
  5. @NaturalHealthEd Here you can learn about new developments in natural health care.
  6. @NIHforHealth: Follow this feed for news from the nation’s medical research agency.
  7. @WSJHealthBlog: The WSJ Health Blog uses this feed to communicate news stories about the business and political side of health care.
  8. @bbchealth: This feed follow the top health and medical news stories every day, giving special attention to Europe and Australia.
  9. @LATimeshealth: The LA Times tweets about public health, extraordinary medical stories and research developments.
  10. @DiscHealthPR: Learn about healthy eating, health 2.0 and more from this feed.
  11. @whonews: This feed delivers information from the World Health Organization.
  12. @PublicHealth: Here you can follow tweets from the American Public Health Association.


For the latest in medical research, visit these links.

  1. AANP Research: The American Academy of Nurse Practitioners lists information about research projects, studies and publications here.
  2. Medical News Today: Here you can get updates on medical news stories and research projects.
  3. ScienceDaily: ScienceDaily is a great resource for keeping up with all types of research, especially medical and health projects.
  4. ScieCentral: Here you can read up on medical research news around the world.
  5. Reuters Health Information: This site features stories for health professionals who want to learn about treatments, research studies, and more.
  6. NHSOnline.net: Find independent health care information and news storeis about pharmacies, pediatric care, conferences, research developments, and more.
  7. ModernHealthcare.com: Learn about new health care trends, studies, treatments and tools here.
  8. Johns Hopkins School of Nursing Research News: The Johns Hopkins School of Nursing archives research stories on this site.
  9. MDLinx: Updated nursing research news stories are listed here.
  10. The Children’s Hospital Nursing Research News: Read newsletters from The Children’s Hospital in Denver to catch up on nursing research.
  11. Virtual Hospital: The University of Iowa Hospitals and Clinics organize research projects and findings on virtually every medical topic here.

Pharmacy and Drugs

On these websites, you can learn about new prescription drugs, news from the business side of pharmaceuticals and drug companies, and public health issues.

  1. Drug Topics: Drug Topics shares trends and news in the pharma world.
  2. Health-System Pharmacy News: The American Society of Health-System Pharmacists archives research news, drug fact sheets and FDA updates here.
  3. Pharmacist.com: The website for the American Pharmacists Association updates visitors about drug news, government affairs, and more.
  4. Pharmacy News: Visit this site to find information on new drugs, how drugs are being given out, and more.
  5. Drugs Pro: This company shares news about new drugs, the FDA, diagnosing diseases, and more.
  6. FDA Human Drugs: Learn about newly approved drugs and new warnings about drugs here.
  7. Drugs.com: On Drugs.com, you can quickly brief yourself on the top concerns and news stories in the pharma world.
  8. WebMD Drugs: WebMD’s drug page lets you look up specific medications and read the latest drug news.
  9. BioSpace: Visit this site to learn about pharmaceutical business news, drug research and more.
  10. Pharmaceutical Business Review: Find out what’s really going on in the pharma industry here.
  11. CenterWatch: CenterWatch is a news and research site that updates information about clinical trials.

Helpful Nursing Links

Use these sites to find articles, career resources, nursing news and plenty more.

  1. NurseZone.com: This website posts information about nursing events, career tips, travel nursing, and general nursing news.
  2. Nurse.com: Nurse.com is an excellent resource for finding nursing news and career help.
  3. AllNurses.com: Join this community to swap personal stories and share advice, as well as find authoritative news stories.
  4. Medscape Nurses: Here you can find all types of nursing resources and nursing news, from OB/GYN nursing to critical care nursing to geriatrics.
  5. Internurse: This UK site is the "largest online archive of nursing articles."
  6. NursingTimes.net: This online magazine features news in the following categories: acute care, primary care, mental health, students, management, and more.
  7. Nurses Page: This site helps nurses balance their work commitments and personal life. Find channels for news, videos, and more.
  8. Nurse411: This site is "your new source for nursing knowledge." Find information on nursing education, research and news.
  9. Clinical Cases and Images Blog: Learn about specific cases and procedures while getting your daily fix of health news.
  10. Minority Nurse: Minority nurses can head to this site for relevant news and support.
  11. Exceptional Nurse: Here, nurses and nursing students with disabilities learn about new education opportunities, health IT systems and more to help them succeed.
  12. Impacted Nurse: This well-organized blog features health news stories and nursing trends.
  13. RN Web: This online magazine publishes "clinical and professional nursing info" for nurses who want to remain competitive and cutting edge.
  14. NursingCenter.com: At NursingCenter.com, you can access journals, clinical updates and drug news, professional resources, event calendars and more.

Public Health and Policy

Learn about the latest developments in public health and health care legislation by following up with these sites.

  1. Effect Measure: On Effect Measure, you can read about public health stories, health policy trends, and more.
  2. Public Health News: Medical News Today’s Public Health News channel updates frequently to provide stories on mortality rate, medications, epidemics, and more.
  3. World Health News: The Harvard School of Public Health publishes world health news stories here.
  4. Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health Public Health News Center: Visit Johns Hopkins’ public health news page for information on health care, health policies and health stories from around the world.
  5. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention: Visit the CDC page for public health news, emergency preparedness tips, and other resources.
  6. American Public Health Association Public Health News: The APHA keeps its news page updated with the most urgent public health stories.
  7. Healthcare Industry Today: This news service keeps health care professionals in the know by posting public health stories.
  8. medpage Today Public Health: Find stories relating to infectious diseases, surveillance, infection, and more.
  9. The Kaiser Network: This site, sponsored by The Henry J. Kaiser Family Foundation, broadcasts health policy news, interviews, and more.
  10. World Health Organization: Visit the WHO website to find out breaking public health news that affects the whole world.

Education, Employment and Networking

These nursing news site will keep you updated on the latest in nursing education and the nursing industry. You can also use them for networking, job hunting, and more.

  1. AAMN Resources: The American Assembly for Men in Nursing can find job news and openings here.
  2. Nurse’s Career Center: The ANA Career Center has resources and a job database for job seekers.
  3. RNCentral.com: This site publishes nursing school rankings and information.
  4. DiscoverNursing.com: Find information about nursing careers, new scholarships, nursing statistics and more.
  5. nurse Link Up: This social network for nurses can help you find jobs and learn about the nursing profession.
  6. NurseChat: On this forum, nurses chat about news, conventions and events, personal stories, and more.
  7. NursingJobs.org: Keep up with the latest trends, issues and news affecting the nursing industry. You can also post your resume and get job alerts.
  8. Ultimate Nurse: Visit this site to learn about travel nursing and RN jobs, the nursing industry, nursing school, and more.
  9. Nurse-Recruiter.com: View job postings, read the employment newsletter, read health care articles and find salary information for your future nursing career.
  10. RN Wanted Nursing News: The job site RN Wanted also organizes health care news in areas like cardiology, clinical pharmacology, mental health and geriatrics.
  11. National Council of State Boards of Nursing: Learn about special events, licensing information, education and more.


Here you can find authoritative information and news about nursing research and health care.

  1. National League for Nursing: Read about the latest developments in nursing education here.
  2. MEDSURG Nursing Journal: The Academy of Medical-Surgical Nurses publishes this journal, which is available for free to members and available to non-members for $15 per article.
  3. Journal of Professional Nursing: Keep up with member events and nursing research when you read this journal.

General Health News

From TV news outlets to medical schools, these news sources are great for finding specific health news articles.

  1. Discovery Health News: Read the latest stories in men’s health, sexual health, diabetes and more.
  2. Medscape: Medscape shares news on health care business, diabetes, infectious diseases, medical school, critical care, nursing, and a lot more.
  3. NaturalNews.com: This nonprofit public education network shares news on natural health care and general medical news.
  4. Health Index: ABC News regularly updates medical news stories on this site.
  5. CNN Health: CNN’s health news page features general health tips, plus videos health news, and a directory of conditions.
  6. Health News: This section of the New York Times is dedicated to all kinds of health news stories, from policy to healthy living to cancer to aging to prescription drugs.
  7. WebMD Health News: Turn to this source when you want to reference the top health news stories of the day.
  8. Schwitzer Health News Blog: This popular blog is maintained by Gary Schwitzer of the University of Minnesota School of Journalism and Mass Communication. Visit it often for stories about public health, medical funding, health and the media, and more.
  9. Paging Dr. Gupta: Dr. Sanjay Gupta, CNN’s popular health correspondent, blogs about special health stories here.
  10. MSNBC Health: Here you can find news stories about women’s health, public health, men’s health, food safety, sexual health, fitness, mental conditions and more.
  11. Health Care: NPR: National Public Radio consistently posts timely, authoritative health and research stories here.
  12. U.S. News Health: On the site for U.S. News and World Report‘s health section, research children’s health stories, nursing home reviews, fitness tips, drug information and more.


Let these government websites help you when you want to reference news sites dealing with public policy, grants and funding, research, special health campaigns, and more.

  1. NLM Gateway: The U.S. National Institutes of Health will connect you to nursing articles, terms, and more.
  2. PubMed: The U.S. National Library of Medicine and the National Institutes of Health have opened up this journal database.
  3. Medline Plus: Search all health news stories, plus articles and abstracts on drugs and health topics from Medline Plus.
  4. Medicare.gov: Use this site as a reference whenever you need information on treating patients on Medicare.
  5. U.S. Department of Health and Human Services: Catch up on news from the HHS on this site. You can also search for jobs, learn about grants and look up diseases.
  6. Office of the Surgeon General: Read press releases and news about warnings, public health campaigns, and publications.
  7. National Cancer Institute: Cancer.gov is a valuable resource for patients and caregivers who want to learn more about cancer.
  8. Health Resources and Services: The HRSA website provides information about polls and research findings, the job industry, grants and funding, health legislation, and plenty more.
  9. Health.gov: Health.gov posts health information and resources, plus the top news stories in health care.
  10. National Institute of Nursing Research: Learn about the latest in government nursing research.