50 Best Blogs for Your Anti-Aging Toolbelt

Monday, May 25th, 2009

Staying young is a goal for many, and reading anti-aging blogs can help keep you informed about the best way to keep your youth. Whether you’re interested in learning about aging, increasing longevity, nutrition, or just general good health, you can find what you need here. We’ll take a look at 50 of the best blogs for anyone who’s interested in keeping the hands of time held back.


On these blogs, you’ll find general information and advice for anti-aging.

  1. Alliance for Aging Research: This group will keep you on top of the latest policies and more in anti aging.
  2. Global Ageing Network: Find out about aging around the world through this blog.
  3. Ageless Lifestyles Radio: Follow this radio program to learn about strategies that can help you maintain a youthful attitude while aging.
  4. Boomers: You can learn about everything interesting for baby boomers from this blog.
  5. Fight Aging!: Fight Aging! is working to create an era of longer, healthier lives.
  6. The Future of Aging: Check out this blog to learn about movements in the future of aging.
  7. Better Humans: On Better Humans, you’ll learn how to improve your health for a better and longer life.
  8. Anti-Aging Psychology: This blog focuses on states of mind that can make aging more enjoyable.
  9. Ageism in America: You can find the latest news and research on US age discrimination from Ageism in America.
  10. The Life of Riley: Read this blog to find an inspiring story of an aging woman, Olive.
  11. The New Old Age: This blog examines the ever-growing 80 and older population.
  12. Cut Back: Fighting Ageism: On this blog, you’ll learn about how to fight ageism.
  13. The YOU Docs: These doctors on Real Age offer a daily blog that can have you live better than ever.
  14. Aging Issues: Ohio Department of Aging Director Barbara E. Riley offers information on topics of interest to older adults.
  15. Department of Health and Ageing: This blog from the Australian government can help you stay on top of aging news.

Research & News

Find interesting anti aging research and news on these blogs.

  1. Ageing Research: You can learn more about the ageing process from this blog.
  2. Ouroboros: Find research in the biology of aging on Ouroboros.
  3. British Society for Research on Ageing: The BSRA promotes research to understand more about the aging process.
  4. World Health: World Health is the global resource for anti-aging medicine, representing over 20,000 physicians and scientists from 105 countries around the world.


These blogs are specifically written with women in mind.

  1. The Gimpy Girls: The Gimpy Girls blog is written for aging baby boomer women.
  2. OlderWiserWomen: These women celebrate the journey of growing old.
  3. Healthy Aging for Women: Healthy Aging for Women is full of great resources for women who want to stay healthy.
  4. Our Bodies, Our Blog: Part of Our Bodies, Ourselves, this blog offers women’s health news and analysis.

Good Health

Keeping up with good health can go a long way in the fight against aging-check out these blogs to find out how you can stay well.

  1. Health Blog: The Wall Street Journal’s Health Blog offers timely news and advice on health.
  2. Healthy Aging: This blog offers news you can use for 100 good years.
  3. One Big Health Nut: On this health and fitness blog, you’ll find tips and strategies for getting into good physical shape.
  4. FitSugar: Find fitness, health, and well being on FitSugar.
  5. Well: Tara Parker-Pope’s blog reminds readers that healthy living is all about the small decisions we make every day.
  6. Better Than I Ever Expected: Learn about sex after sixty on this blog.
  7. Health Blog: This blog offers advice for a healthy body and sound mind.
  8. That’s Fit: Check out this blog for diet and fitness, healthy living, and more.
  9. RealSelf.com: On RealSelf.com, you’ll find thoughtful articles on plastic surgery, laser treatments, and more.


A major part of fighting aging is eating the right amount of the right food, so learn all you can from these nutrition blogs.

  1. Anti Aging Nutrition News: Check out this blog to find out how you can make nutrition work with you as you age.
  2. Nutrition and Healthy Eating: Mayo Clinic nutritionists Jennifer Nelson and Katerine Zeratsky offer expert advice on nutrition on this blog.
  3. April’s CR Diary: Follow April on her calorie restriction diet through this blog.
  4. I Ate a Pie: This blog offers a wealth of healthy diet food reviews.
  5. Nutritious Data: Blogger Monica Reinagel encourages readers to know what they eat.
  6. Eat Right, Stay Well: On this blog, you’ll learn about making nutrition work for your health.
  7. Real Age Food Bites: Food Bites offers a look at foods that will help you make your body younger.
  8. CRON Diary: This blogger has been practicing calorie restriction for almost 8 years.
  9. Eat Stop Eat: On this blog, you’ll learn about Brad Pilon’s strategy for good eating.
  10. Aging Fabulous: Learn how to age beautifully and gracefully from Aging Fabulous.

Longevity & Life Extension

Find out how to live a longer life from these blogs.

  1. Al Fin Longevity: Check out this blog to learn more about longevity and preserving the best of humanity.
  2. Longevity Science: In this blog, you’ll learn about aging and longevity in terms of extending the human lifespan.
  3. ChangingAging: Dr. Bill Thomas writes as an authority on longevity and eldercare.
  4. Depressed Metabolism: This blog is about the science of personal survival.
  5. Grailsearch: Grailsearch offers research in engineered longevity.
  6. The Methuselah Foundation: The Methuselah Foundation works to create solutions and therapies that can end the disabilities and diseases of aging.
  7. Alcor News: You can learn more about cryonics and the Alcor Life Extension Foundation from this blog.
  8. Existence is Wonderful: This blogger discusses the science of longevity.