How to Turn Wii Fit into Your Personal Trainer: 100 Tips, Tools, and Guides

Wednesday, May 27th, 2009


Wii Fit became an instant hit when it was released because it helped kids and their busy parents be more active when watching TV. While the debate over the Wii Fit’s ability to completely transform your physique is still active, the Internet is full of resources for keeping up with the console. Read below for 100 tips, tools and guides for making the most of the Wii Fit’s potential to become your very own personal trainer.

Customization and Accessories

Make your Wii Fit work for you by customizing your avatar, choosing skins and researching accessories.

  1. How to Customize the Wii Menu for Your Nintendo Wii: This video from Shawn Grover explains the basics of Wii customization.
  2. Customize your Wii-mote!: Here you can get tips on customizing the earlier versions of the Wii-mote.
  3. 3 Ways to Customize Your Nintendo Wii Fit and Give It Character: This guide recommends getting a Wii skin as one way to give your Wii Fit character.
  4. What Wii Fit accessories are a "must have?": Amazon shoppers weigh in on the best Wii Fit accessories.
  5. Customize Your Wii Fit With Custom Wii Fit Skins: Learn about Wii Fit accessories from this guide.
  6. Wii Fit Accessories, Balance Board Accessories Round-Up: Here you’ll learn about the smartest balance board buys.
  7. Mii Creator: The online Mii creator lets you experiment with your Wii avatar.
  8. Mii: This Wikipedia entry on the Mii includes background on the tool, tips on creating your Mii, and more.
  9. How to Make Your Mii: Mahalo’s step-by-step guide shows you how to make your own Mii.
  10. Wii Fit Accessories: Joanne LaSpina discusses balance board skins, the yoga mat, and travel accessories.

Best Games for Fitness

If you really want to get into shape, these games are probably going to be your best bet.

  1. Jillian Michaels Fitness Ultimatum 2009: The Biggest Loser trainer Jillian Michaels has her own Wii game for sale.
  2. The Best Wii Fit Games: rates five of the best Wii Fit games.
  3. Dance Dance Revolution Hottest Party 2 with Dance Mat: Learn new dance steps and get a cardio workout with this game.
  4. Top 5 Wii Fit Games: This list includes Shaun White Snowboarding and others.
  5. We Ski: We Ski is a popular game for the Wii Fit.
  6. Wii Fit Yoga: Yoga is a classic Wii Fit game. Find out if it’s worth all the hype here.
  7. Gold’s Gym Cardio Workout Boxing Video: Watch a trailer for the Gold’s Gym game here.
  8. EA Sports Active Multiplayer Pack: This Wii Fit game includes extra workout gear and lets you play with a friend.
  9. Summer Athletics 2009: This pack includes 28 different summer athletics and can be used on the Wii Fit, Xbox and Play Station 3.
  10. Wii Fit’s Rhythm Boxing is My New Cardio Workout: Read this guide to find out if the Wii Fit Rhythm Boxing can be just as effective for you.

Hacks and Cheats

Learn all the secrets of the Wii Fit to inspire you to try harder, make it to the next milestone, and unlock special bonuses.

  1. Transfer Wii Fit Game Data: Follow this blogger’s advice when transferring game data to another console.
  2. Wii Fit Cheats: This guide teaches you how much time you need to accumulate in each workout to receive bonuses.
  3. Wii Fit Unlockables: Find out how you can unlock new features on the Wii Fit.
  4. Latest Wii Fit Cheats: Here you will find cheat codes, unlockable games and other tips.
  5. Wii Fit Cheat List: This list contains cheats and hacks for the Ultimate Balance Test and more.
  6. Wii Fit Cheats: While some of these cheats won’t help you with your fitness plan, others share tips for scoring better and working out harder.
  7. Wii Fit Secrets: Mahalo shares tips for the Ultimate Balance Test and Alternate Jogging Routes.
  8. Make your own Balance Board: If something happened to your old board, don’t buy a new one: make your own.
  9. All Working Wii Fit Cheats: Here you can find cheats for unlocking FitPiggy colors, unlocking the challenge mode, and more.
  10. Cheating Dome: Wii Fit cheats for Nintendo Wii: Learn about Fit Money bonuses, muscle workout challenges, and more.

Wii Fit Reviews

Read these Wii Fit reviews to get tips on using the games that will help your fitness plan the most.

  1. Wii Fit = Mii FatM: Keith Shaw gets annoyed when the Wii Fit calls him obese, but he still manages to make a 10-week commitment.
  2. Wii Fit Will Definitely Get You Moving: Winda Benedetti reviews the Wii Fit’s ability to get her in shape for a triathlon.
  3. O.K., Avatar, Work With Me: The New York Times’ Seth Schiesel investigates the popularity and effectiveness of the Wii Fit.
  4. Nintendo Wii Fit Review: This guide reviews the Wii Fit, especially the yoga game.
  5. Wii Fit Review: This straightforward review outlines the good and the bad points of Wii Fit.
  6. It’s Shocking, We’re Pissed, Wii Fit Sorta Works: After all the hype, it turns out that the guys at Kotaku admit Wii Fit is effective.
  7. Wii Fit Review by a Formerly Fit Geek: Former athlete Brian Lam writes a Wii Fit review for Gizmodo.
  8. CNET Wii Fit: CNET’s lengthy guide to the Wii Fit includes an editor’s review and user reviews.
  9. Wii Fit Games: Search for user reviews of various Wii Fit games on before you shop.
  10. Wii Fit Video Game: Get reviews and watch trailers of different Wii Fit games.

Forums and Community

Get tips, support and advice from real-life Wii Fit users by heading to these forums and community sites.

  1. Wii Fit Forum: Turn to this community for game reviews, news, progress reports and tips.
  2. GameFAQs Wii Fit Message Board: Currently, this site has over 125 pages of Wii Fit message boards, cheats, reviews and more.
  3. Customer Discussions: Amazon’s Wii Fit forum keeps the discussion going for pros and new shoppers.
  4. Nintendo’s Tech Support Forums: If you have a technical question about your Wii Fit, head to this forum first.
  5. Neoseeker Wii Fit Forum: Here you will find threads for reading user reviews, professional reviews, and more.
  6. The Wii Mommies: Moms and families can turn to this network for tips, support and more for using the Wii fit.
  7. The Wii Fit Community: This Mixx community ranks Wii Fit news stories and facilitates discussion.
  8. Wii Fit Routine: Join other Wii Fit users, plan out a fitness routine, and network on on Wii Fit Routine.
  9. Wiifit Forum: Learn about new game releases and more.
  10. Wii Fit Tracker: Head to this site when you want to learn about new specials, product information and stock information for the Wii Fit.

Walkthroughs and Guides

If you’re new to the Wii Fit, try out these walkthroughs and fact sheets to become acquainted with all the features.

  1. Wii Fit: The official site for the Nintento Wii fit features an interactive walkthrough of the console.
  2. Wii Fit FAQ/Walkthrough: Other users share their tips and walkthroughs on GameFAQs.
  3. Wii Fit: Wikipedia shares the history of the Wii Fit game lists, design information, and more.
  4. Wii Fit Users’ Guide: GameSpot shares an introduction to the Wii Fit here.
  5. Wii Fit Walkthroughs, FAQs, and Guides: Get general walkthroughs and tips for specific games and topics here.
  6. Beginners Get Fit With Wii Fit: Kimberly Shavatt reviews the Wii Fit and explains how to use it when starting out.
  7. Some Quick Wii Fit Hula Hoop Tips: Learn how to do the hula hoop game correctly on the Wii Fit.
  8. Other Wii Fit Features: Learn about Wii Fit features like the Wii Fit Bank, Your Instructor and more.
  9. Wii Fit Manual Booklet: Download the manual for the Wii Fit here.
  10. Wii Fit Guide: View the archived posts about buying a Wii Fit, strength training, and more.

Fitness Plans

Steal tips and strategies from these Wii Fit fitness plans.

  1. Wii Fit Training: Customize your workout routine based on the four key areas: yoga, balance games, strength training and aerobics.
  2. Diary: One Week Playing Wii Fit: Use this week-long Wii Fit fitness plan as a starting point for your own program.
  3. Wii Fit BMI Calculator: Use this tool to enhance your Wii Fit fitness plan.
  4. Wii Fit training log: Chi Kong Lui logs his fitness plan with the Wii Fit for
  5. WiiGetFit’s Blog: Though it’s in reverse order, this blog tracks a couple’s fitness journey with Wii Fit.
  6. Wii Fit Workout Plan: This workout outlines a plan for men on a 2,500 calorie-a-day diet, and women on a 2,000 calorie-a-day diet.
  7. The Wii Fit Workout 30 Day Exercise Challenge: The MediaSapien shares tips for starting out with the Wii Fit.
  8. Wii Fit: the 30 day test starts today: Steal strategies from Ryan Block’s Wii Fit plan.
  9. Can you really get fit with Wii exercise games?: Annabelle Robertson explores fitness plans that make effective use of the Wii.
  10. Gyminee Workout Program: Gyminee’s Wii Fit workout program is all cardio.

Updates and Wii Fit News

Keep up with game releases and new developments for the Wii Fit here.

  1. Wii News: Read about new releases and game reviews from this Nintendo site.
  2. Wii Fit News: GameSpot tracks the news stories about Wii Fit here.
  3. Get information about the latest game releases and Wii Fit news.
  4. CNET News: Wii Fit news stories from CNET are archived here.
  5. Wii’s World: Get Wii News, game information, hardware, plus other online features from Wii’s World.
  6. Games Radar Wii Fit: Games Radar keeps up with Wii Fit news and releases.
  7. Nintendo Wii: Get official updates and the latest games from the Nintendo Wii site.
  8. Gamasutra: Find interviews, reviews and news about the Wii Fit here.
  9. Fit like Mii: This blog from The Daily Journal in New Jersey covers fun stories, reviews and more about the Wii Fit.

Personal Stories

If you’re unsure of how the Wii Fit can help you get into shape, read these personal stories from real-life users.

  1. Me and Wii Fit: One Month Later:’s Chris Kohler updates readers on his fitness program with the Wii Fit.
  2. Wii Food Journal: Take a look back at this community Wii weight loss plan from 2008.
  3. The Great Experiment: Wii Fit: Read weekly reports from a real-life Wii Fit "athlete."
  4. 10 Wii Fit Exercises Tested and Judged By Fitness Trainer: The MTV Multiplayer blog reviews 10 different Wii Fit exercises, from a fitness trainer’s perspective.
  5. Wii Fit Review: tracks BMI, Wii Fit age and weight to test out the game.
  6. I Tried it: Wii Fit Yoga: Yoga Journal’s reviewer admits that the Wii version can help beginners learn the practice.
  7. Wii Fit Impressions: Dubious Quality reviews his first impressions of Wii Fit tests and activities.
  8. I Exercise with Nintendo Wii Fit: This anonymous Wii Fit group features stories from real-life users.
  9. Wii Fit: More fun than a barrel of Miis: David Sheets from the St. Louis Post-Dispatch writes that "Wii Fit is still primarily a tool for entertainment, not a substitute for either genuine exercise or instruction from trained fitness professionals."
  10. Finally Got My Wii Fit…Here’s My Story: includes a personal review of Wii Fit workouts.
  11. Can You Really Lose Weight with Wii Fit? My Personal Weight Loss Challenge: L. Marie Dubuque has started the discussion about how to lose weight with Wii Fit.


For tips and previews of Wii Fit games, watch these videos.

  1. Step 1: Watch us demonstrate Wii Fit. Step 2: Laugh.: The Orlando Sentinel’s Matthew Simantov and Ethan Horowitz awkwardly demonstrate Wii Fit activities.
  2. Wii Fit Experience Videos: posts video demonstrations of the Body Test, Hula Hoop, Ski Jump, Soccer Heading, and more.
  3. Official Wii Fit Video Shows Off Hula Hooping, Soccer Headers: See how far the Wii Fit has come when you view this official video from two years ago.
  4. Wii Stepping Games: This video encourages Wii Fit users to try out Dance Dance Revolution.
  5. Wii Fit, Yoga, Crocodile Twist: Preview Wii Fit yoga here.
  6. Play Some Schtuff: My Fitness Coach (Wii): Check out the My Fitness Coach game for the Wii.
  7. Wii Fit Run with Treadmill Example: This mom has hacked using the treadmill by syncing it up with the Wii Fit.
  8. Wii Fit Jump Skiing: Watch this video of Wii Fit Jump Skiing to improve your game.
  9. Wii Fit Soccer Heading Perfect Score 555: Learn how to master this game on the Wii Fit.
  10. Wii Fit, Aerobic, Hula Hoop, Nintendo Wii: Get inspired to try the hula hoop game on Wii Fit.