Top 100 Baby and Children’s Health Blogs

Monday, March 30th, 2009


Raising a child in this world can be a daunting, dangerous, and confusing task. From various diseases, both new and old, to household risks, parents need all the information they can get. To help you get the information you need, we’ve combed through hundreds of blogs to compile the best 100 baby and children’s health blogs, which are designed to inform, educate, and help you raise healthy children. General These blogs cover everything from childhood diseases and vaccinations to everyday parents and daycares. 1. Healthy Kids Pediatrics Blog: Dr. Deborah Bain is a pediatrician located in Frisco, TX who created this blog to bring a message of health, wellness and prevention to families. Her interests include nutrition, behavioral and developmental problems, and asthma. 2. Café Mom: A social networking site devoted especially to parents, Café Mom was ranked the eighth fastest growing site in 2007. With 60,000 to choose from, parents can join groups focusing on issues such as pregnancy, a variety of health issues, as well as marriage and relationships 3. School Kids Healthcare Blog: This blog offers the latest in school health room issues. Its goal is to keep visitors up to date on the latest in school, campus, and university medical challenges. 4. Parenting – Paging Dr. Gupta: CNN’s chief medical correspondent and the CNN Medical Unit producers share news and views on health and medical trends. With information on various health topics, there is a special category on parenting. 5. Children’s Health Blog: Part of, this blog searches the net for the best entries on the web concerning children’s safety, and posts them. Topics include schools, role models, and health. 6. Childcare By Judy Lyden: Judy has forty years of experience working with young children. As the co-owner of the Garden School in Indiana, the blog offers tips on the skills a child needs to be ready to sit in a classroom most of his day. 7. Baby, Toddler, and Child Development: This is a trusted, online resource for baby’s first year. By signing up for this free newsletter, you can track your baby’s development week by week, enjoy tips on caring for your newborn, and chat with other moms. 8. The Diaper Lady: While experimenting with cloth diapering, this blogger discovered a whole new world. Decisions that were once made by doctors became very different, from vaccinating, to making your own baby food, and even SIDS prevention measures. 9. Child Care Choices: Robin is a public school administrator and understands the stressful decisions families face in finding caregivers who can be entrusted. Considering the many factors to consider, she hopes to shape this blog to provide information, advice, involvement ideas, and resources concerning the childcare. 10. Saying No To Vaccines: Dr Sherri Tenpenny is a leading physician on vaccine health located Cleveland, Ohio and shares startling information from medical journals and government documents that are in direct contrast to opinions about vaccines. This blog spreads her vision for retaining freedom of choice in healthcare, including the freedom to refuse vaccination. 11. Mom To Be Depot: This blog has daily posts about new products and information such as baby scholarships, photo contests and more. Their mission is to discover and review products for parents and expecting parents. 12. Family Resource Blog: Since 2004 Julie Fletcher has maintained this blog with an array of child health and safety topics. Entries include reviews of products, herbal remedies, and childhood diseases. 13. The Digital Daycare: Although they haven’t posted in a while, this blog rates other childcare websites and shares their findings. They also post news worthy topics such as how to run a daycare, which to stay away from, and useful links. 14. Vaccine Awakening: Barbara Loe Fisher is a writer and mother living in Vienna, Virginia and fears the day when the government can track down and force citizens against their will to be injected. In her blog, she references several studies on various vaccines and their benefits and costs. 15. Dr. Gwenn Is In: A pediatrician and mother, she saw a void in health information for today’s busy families and began her blog to get practical health information out to as many local parents as possible. This site is dedicated to her advice and opinions on child health, parenting, pop culture, and everything in between. 16. The Childcare Blog: Sharon is a wife and mother of two school age children. Also a childcare provider with over 15 years of experience, she never stops learning about children and decided to take her wealth of experience to develop this blog. 17. Dr. Tapas’ Pediatric Blog: Meant as a resource for parents, you will find views and advice on maintaining a child’s health and normal development. This blog will also explain issues affecting a child’s health and attempt to aid parents in understanding how these issues will affect their children. 18. Healthy Children: Dr. Steven blogs on how to keep your children happy and healthy all year round. From ear infections to depression, this blog centers on child well being. 19. Be A Good Dad: This blog is written by a dad with tons of advice for parenting. He includes entries on sign language, marriage, and potty training. 20. Be A Good Mom: Married to the above, she just tries to be a good mom, sometimes succeeding, sometimes not. She writes this blog more for herself than anything, but visitors will find tons of useful tips and touching stories. Pregnancy Blogs For those who want to get a head start, visit these sites to learn what mothers and fathers can do before giving birth to a child. 21. Pregnancy Blog: Part of, this blog is updated regularly with new information and tips on pregnancy. Topics include nutrition, exercise, and what to do if abused while pregnant. 22. Pregnancy and You: Marry Murry is a certified nurse and midwife for the Mayo Clinic. Her blog covers everything an expectant mother could have questions about from c-sections to intimacy during and after pregnancy. 23. Pregnant Stephanie: Stephi feels as if she is the first woman to ever have a child. In her blog, you can follow her from the first days of pregnancy to the joys of motherhood. 24. Free Pregnancy Journal: On this site, expectant mothers can create a journal of their pregnancy or read the stories of others. There is also the option to search topics such as due dates, breast feeding, and diet. 25. My Lovely Lady Bump: Ma Kat is 32 and in May of 2007 became pregnant and gave birth in January of 2008. With an undeniable humor, she tells her story and wonders if this is the threesome her husband had in mind. 26. A Day In The Life Of A New Mom: A 32 year old teacher living in Texas shares her pregnancy journey. From first finding out to life with a newborn, follow the tale of Mattie. 27. Pregnancy Blog: Run by PregnantWeekly, this blog is an online magazine about pregnancy, baby, and parenting. A useful resource that helps you monitor your week by week pregnancy. 28. The Pregnancy Zone: This blog is full of information for anyone who is expecting a child. A variety of questions are answered such as proper diet, spotting, the benefits of certain vitamins, and preparing for postpartum. 29. Pregnancy and Baby Blog: If you type in your expected date in the due date club, they will send you regular updates on what to expect at this blog. With mountains of posts, visitors can choose categories ranging from problems with fertility to labor and birth. 30. A Little Pregnant: Julie conceived her son after four rounds of IVF and experienced an ectopic pregnancy, a miscarriage, a complicated third pregnancy, and finally the birth of her son, Charlie, 10 weeks premature. Now with a family of six, she spends a lot of time scouring the internet to learn more about what happened to her and shares her story with others. 31. Twin Pregnancy Blog: For those expecting twins, this site explains the different set of rules and expectations. With week by week guides, this site also includes a forum where you can connect, ask questions, give advice, and share about twin stuff. 33. Postpartum Progress: After giving birth, women can still experience severe emotional problems. This blog is essential for those dealing with depression and anxiety during and after pregnancy. For Preemies When babies come early, parents experience a whole new set of challenges. These blogs are by those with experience in working with and raising premature children. 34. The Preemie Experiment: Rated a top health blogger by “Wellsphere” this blog is run by a mother of two preemies who is passionate about helping to educate others on this topic. This site is intended for the community of people dedicated to the open discussion of the long term effects of prematurity. 35. Adventures in Juggling: Laura is a busy registered nurse at a Level III Neonatal Intensive Care Unit who believes she was meant to care for the tiniest of patients. She blogs on the trial of prematurity, as well as on her own children and grandchildren. 36. Not As Glamorous As I Though It Would Be: This blogs chronicles the journal of Jennifer and her daughter who was born at 30 weeks. Born a preemie herself, Jennifer takes an unflinching look at this additionally challenging aspect of parenthood. 37. Beautiful In My Eyes: Aidan was born twelve weeks early due to an undiagnosed clotting disorder. In this blog, his parents detail their daily life and the trials of raising a preemie, with many pictures. 38. Coburn Kids: Genevieve was born at 32 weeks premature and stayed on a vent for three days and was in the NICU a total of 22 days. Now seven, with a younger brother and sister, this site is dedicated to keeping others informed of the children’s well being. 39. Life With Premature Boys: Two boys Carson and Elias, were born at 30 weeks and 25 weeks. Follow this blog as Kelly, a NICU nurse in a level III NICU, journeys through life raising two premature boys. 40. Housewife In Flip-Flops: Join Stacey as she blogs on her son Ace, who was born after 29 weeks and has cerebral palsy. She is also not shy to share her heartbreaking experience with two pregnancy losses. 41. Impressions: Leanne began this blog as a way to tell the story of her son, who was born at 28 weeks gestation. It has evolved into a way to process impressions everyday life, including being a wife and mother, working and playing, as well as loving and believing. 42. Little Man Big: Sarah is finding that throughout this journey, everything she once knew about herself is changing. Emery was a micropreemi, and his mom uses this blog to chronicle their journey. 43. Circling Normal: This blog details the life of a mother of four children, all with disabilities. There is a wide variety of entries, including autism studies, getting help from the community, and the difference between acceptance and giving up. Autism Studies show that one out of 150 children will develop autism. Visit these blogs for what to expect from this disease, treatments, and dealing with an autistic child. 44. Autism Blogger: A community of families battling autism, their mission is to allow people who have been affected by autism to share their stories and help other people to overcome. It only takes seconds to sign up for an account which allows users to blog, set up a profile, have access to news, and much more. 45. The Autism Hub: This site is a central point about the disease from people around the world. People can sort through the multiple entries by name, type, and date posted. 46. Autism Bites: This blog tells the story of a family with six autistic children. Highlights include posts to their four different televised interviews and how they best believe to face this overwhelming challenge. 47. Hoop Dee Doo And PDD: This blog details life with a lively five-year-old and four-year-old twins with autism. Chock full of pictures and updates, this site tells the story of dealing with two autistic twins, as well as helping their older child cope. 48. Autism Vox: Dr. Kristina Chew maintained this blog so she could get on her soapbox about autism. Part of the community, this blog was nominated for the Best Medical/Heatlh Issues Blog in the 2008 Weblog Awards. 49. Age of Autism: Edited by Dan Olmstead, this is a daily web paper on the autism epidemic. With a variety of posts, this blog is intended for those who believe autism is an environmentally induced illness, that it is treatable, and that children can recover. 50. Adventures In Autism: Ginger is the mother of an autistic son and started this blog to share their story. Now at seven years old, this site also has news updates and commentary. SIDS Usually happening in the first year of life, Sudden Infant Death Syndrome is a devastating ordeal. Learn the best ways to prevent it, or read the stories of those who have endured it. 51. Kick SIDS: A relatively new blog, their mission is to rid the world of SIDS. Visit this blog if you would like to know more about SIDS related events and what you can do to combat it. 53. Sudden Infant Death Syndrome: This is a collection of posts by various bloggers on SIDS. Topics include how and why to quit smoking, breastfeeding as a factor, and the benefits of breathing monitors. 54. SIDS Support Group: Visit this website to meet with the hundreds of members who have been affected by SIDS. You can read posts and recommendations by others, or tell your own story. 55. Suriving SIDS: This is the blog of a 42 year old mother who is married, has a six year old son, and lost a daughter to SIDS at two months old. She discusses life after loss, helping her other child deal with the loss, and trying for a new baby in 2009. 56. Prevent SIDS: Dr. TJ Sprout runs this blog in a straightforward manner and claims to teach how to prevent SIDS through a technique that has had a 100% prevention record. Learn about mattress wrapping and toxic gas theory via this site. ADHD Blogs Attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder affects approximately three to five percent of children. Read these blogs to learn the warning signs, treatments, or just to find out more about children who have it. 57. ADHD & LD Resource Blog: Shane is a stay-at-home-mom living with a child with ADHD. In addition to traditional posts, she features news, product reviews, surveys, and polls. 58. ADD Moms: Brenda Nicholson suffers from ADD in addition to having three children with the disorder. Aiming to share the benefit of her years of experience and research, she created this blog to help in understanding and managing ADHD. 59. ADDitude Magazine Blogs: Although there are many ADHD blogs to choose from, this one, by Kay Marner, focuses on parenting a lovable, exhausting child with the disorder. She blogs about the full-time job of managing her daughter’s special needs, the intense neediness, and mothering her other child. 60. Living with AD/HD: A Lifespan Disorder: This website has tons of information for those with or wanting to learn more about this disorder. In addition to reading the weekly blog by Rory Stern, you can sign up for a newsletter, find out the latest news, and even watch the renowned documentary, “Regaining Focus.” 61. ADD ADHD Blog: Dr. Handelman is a child and adolescent psychiatrist who deals with a lot of child, adolescent and adult ADHD. The blog’s goal is to provide information relevant to ADD and ADHD, and to keep up to date on the newest developments. 62. ADHD Medications and Treatments: Although now retired, Dr. Sogn’s blog is still full of information on various medications and treatments for this disease. There are also links to talk with others about ADHD and visit the message boards. 63. Help And Information For Parents Of Kids With ADHD: With numerous posts, this blog focuses on connecting parents with the help they need for their ADHD child. Topics include studies on generic drugs, information on genetic mutations, and camps for children with the disorder. 64. ADD/ADHD Blog: Written by Keath Low, this blog is the place to be for all things ADD/ADHD. Learn more about the basics, symptoms, related conditions, diagnosis, treatment, research, tips for school, parenting issues, and living with ADHD. 65. CHADD Leadership Blog: E. Clarke Ross is the CEO of this organization and has had over 30 years of experience with mental health disorders. Visit this blog for regular commentary on issues related to attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder from Ross and other leaders in this area. 66. ADDer World: With the goal of sharing struggles and triumphs, Brian created this site to connect families suffering from ADD and ADHD. Even if you choose not to create a profile, visitors can still browse the profiles of others and even contact them. 67. Life With Fast Boy: Fast Boy is the ADHD son of One Tired Mama. He is nine years old and can be a very smart, sweet, adorable little boy when he is not bored or irritated. His father is also diagnosed with the disease and this blog chronicles the goings-on in this unique household. Mental Health From eating disorders to bipolar syndrome to the various forms of depression, mental health diseases are not just affecting adults. Below are the stories of children and parents living with these conditions. 68. Raising Socially Anxious Children Blog: Raising children is always challenging, but more so when you add feelings of anxiety, depression and fear. This blog is intended to be a place for resources and support for parents raising children with social anxiety or any other mood and anxiety disorders. 69. Living With A Spirited Child: Laura is trying to find out the best way to raise her socially anxious son. From trials to accomplishments, read her story and learn what to expect from this disorder. 70. Reactive Attachment Disorder: Part of, this blog has topics like “99 Ways To Drive Your Child Sane.” This blog deals with the symptoms, degrees, and treatments for the disorder. 71. Panic Disorder, Social Phobia, Agoraphobia News Blog: With regular updates, this is a resource for families who suffer from fears, anxieties, and phobias. Topics include meditation, bipolar disorder, and the benefits of Tetris. 72. Panic And Anxiety Attacks: This is an information and resource site dedicated to the purpose of educating patients, families, caregivers, and the community at large about different types of anxiety and panic. The blog’s goal is to help improve the lives of those effected by these types of disorders. 73. Save Your Sanity For Later: Erika began this blog when she was only twelve years old. This blog is an intimate look at depression from the child’s point of view. 74. Bipolar Beat: Written by Dr. Fink and Dr. Kraynak, this blog contains a great deal of information on the symptoms, causes, and treatments for bipolar disorder. What makes this blog stand out is that there is even a section for asking questions. 75. Help With Out Of Control Kids: Dr. Ray Levy runs this blog for parents with out of control children. Categories include kids with strong wills, high maintenance, explosive temperaments, or more serious conditions. 76. Bipolar Or Certifiably Insane: This blog details the roller coaster of parenting a bipolar child. Veiw the ups and downs, and learn how to maintain your own sanity while caring for a mentally ill child by visiting. 77. Bipolar Disorder: Candida Fink specializes in child and adolescent psychiatry, with expertise in autism, pediatric bipolar disorder, and mental health issues in school settings. On this bipolar blog, she posts on affordable medications, symptoms, and the benefits of various treatments. 78. Childhood Eating Disorders Blog: Because being well-informed is an important first step, this blog will help visitors successfully help their child. With 15 years experience, this blogger is determined to demonstrate that with sustained, effective effort, you can be successful in banishing the eating disorder from your child’s life. 79. Advice For Parents: After losing her daughter to an eating disorder, Doris maintains this blog. She writes on the nature of the disease, warning signs, and how to combat it. 80. Are You “Eating With Your Anorexic?”: Laura Collins is the director of F.E.A.S.T. and a mom on a mission to dispel the myths associated with eating disorders. An advocate of the family-based Maudsley approach, she shows that eating disorders are brain related and that parents really can be part of the solution. 81. Contre L’anorexie: T. Mere is a mother with an anorexic child who believes in the power of family-supported, evidence-based, compassionate care for the eating disordered. She blogs about parents making a difference through knowledge and blogs for advocacy, change, and improvement within treatment, research, and recovery. 82. Anorexia 101: When her eleven year old son was diagnosed with anorexia, Wendy turned to the internet for help and resources. With so much to learn and nowhere for beginners to go, she started this blog as an "Intro to Anorexia" source. 83. Nourishing My Son: When her son lost 20 pounds in two months, his mother began to worry. She then started this blog to share her thoughts as her family battles with anorexia, complete with current updates on his height and weight. 84. One More Bite: A clinical psychologist and published author, Dr. Joy Jacobs provides therapy for children and teens with eating disorders, body image concerns, and weight concerns. Her goal is to help families build active, well balanced lifestyles. 85. Dr. Paul’s Channel: Dr. Paul has been caring for children since 1995 and has dedicated his career to teaching parents worldwide about child health and wellness. This channel features videos such as bathing, home safety, and preventing choking. 87. Oral Health Resource: This blog responds to the needs of families in addressing current and emerging public oral health issues. They give information on resources and recommendations for getting children the best in dental care. 88. Healthy Child’s Channel: This video blog is dedicated to protecting the health and well-being of children from harmful environmental exposures. They educate parents to make responsible decisions, everyday choices, and lifestyle improvements to create healthy environments where children and families can flourish. 89. Children’s Defense Fund: This site champions policies and programs that lift children out of poverty and protect them from abuse and neglect. Their goal is to ensure that every child has access to health care, quality education, and a moral and spiritual foundation. 90. The Pregnancy Show: Just as the title implies, these videos are all about conceiving, carrying, and delivering a child. Not for the squeamish, videos also include birthing and circumcisions. 91. LB Crazy: Laci and her husband Jason are pregnant with their first child, due in June 2009. They decided to post videos to seek advice and offer tips. 92. Birthlight : Focusing on a holistic approach to pregnancy, this video blog shows visitors how yoga and breathing methods enhance babies well-being. Internationally acclaimed, Birthlight continually strives to use the latest research findings in the development of simple but effective movements. 93. Autism Speaks: This video blog is dedicated to increasing awareness of autism spectrum disorders, as well as funding research into the causes, prevention, treatments, and a cure for autism. A world renowned organization, visitors can see the stories of others, learn what is being done to combat this disorder, and hear advice on how to help. 94. JNJ’s Health Channel: These videos promote a better understanding of health, from the Johnson & Johnson Family of Companies. Although there are a variety of health topics, parents will find videos on diet, real moms talking safety, and information on ADHD. Child Safety Blogs Visit these sites to get information on how to prevent accidents, child proof a home, and keep your kids safe. 95. MySafeHome: Take a room by room tour on this site and see how many household accidents can be prevented. Also read stories submitted by other parents on child accidents and learn how to avoid them. 96. Safety 4 Kids: Nancy Davis maintained this blog on how to prepare your home and yourself to be as safe as possible. Topics include car seat safety, drowning prevention, and protecting children against predators. 97. Little Urbanites: This blog talks about daycare topics, safety products, and whatever else might be on a parents mind. For many first time parents, these kinds of tips are invaluable, and topics include recipes to make with your children, making your own family trees, and recalls. 98. Childn’Parent: This blog is a vast array of resources for today’s parent. Topics include what is and isn’t safe to eat, childproofing, and preventing the common cold. 99. Baby Proofing & Child Safety Product Solutions: This blog is committed to making the home a safe haven where children can learn, play and explore. Founded in 1996, Kidsafe offers knowledgeable tips to create safer homes for kids and peace of mind for parents. 100. Child Safety Blog: The mission of this site is to be a central location where parents can go to find information about child safety. Intended to be a starting point for parents interested in safety issues, this blog has updated information regarding recalls, child safety news, best practices, state-of-the-art products, as well as opinions about everything related to child safety Raising a safe and healthy child is more than a full-time task for any family. But with the right information from the industry’s leading 100 blogs, we hope you will find everything they need to know to keep your child healthy and happy from conception to adolescence.